Past Meetings of the WIA:

January 2002

Presentation - Microsoft Windows XP - Home Edition. Presenter: Mr. Jeff Pike, Electronics Lead, Staples - The Office Superstore. Mr. Pike for the last two years has been the Electronics Lead at Staples, spent a year as a beta Windows XP tester, and was a Microsoft rep for 2 1/2 years.

December 2001

  1. Introduction - Brief discussion of WIA business.
  2. Presentation - Open session addressed member and guest general questions on computers, software, the Internet, and related problem areas.

November 2001

Christine Justis, President, Computer Clinic of Williamsburg, Inc., discussed Virus Removal, Performance Enhancement, Procedures for PC Good Housekeeping, and What to do with Error Messages. Mrs. Justis is a TNCC graduate with an Associate in Science degree. CNU graduate - BSBA with concentration in Management. Experience with computers since 1980; substitute and/or temporary teacher for 2 years teaching computer applications, math and business law; Mastering Computer courses in computer networking, Windows 3.1 and above. Formed Computer Clinic of Williamsburg, Inc. in 1994 when the original company, that was started in 1990, needed to fill the need for computer repair and troubleshooting.

October 2001

Did not meet

September 2001

Open Questions and video

August 2001

Chris Harwood - Computer Science major at Virginia Tech and software beta tester, discussed what is new in Windows XP - what we can expect of Windows XP, what's new/different from Windows 98 and Windows ME, and experiences with installing and using the operating system were presented. There was a period for questions and review. Chris has been testing XP for several months.

July 2001

Open Questions and videos -Computer problems, questions, and information were shared. Plans were also made for upcoming meetings.

June 2001

May 2001

April 2001

  1. Joi Ball discussed creating surveys and databases and the preliminary results of the WIA member survey.
  2. Workshop - Joi Ball and Tony Frey continued their introduction to HTML.

March 2001

February 2001

  1. Introduction, reviewed meeting objectives, discussed possible different meeting arrangements, proposal for advanced Internet topics and new meeting format, and discussed brief WIA business.
  2. Mr. Jason Stewart, Gateway Country, Sales Associate, presented two topics, "How to buy a PC" and "Introduction to the Internet."
  3. Workshop - Joi Ball and Tony Frey continued their introduction to HTML. Part 4 covered Tables.

January 2001

  1. Introduction and WIA business - Hank Dorris
  2. Presentation - "Internet Technology" - Hank Dorris
    1. Definition
    2. History
    3. How the Internet Works
      1. Services
      2. Connections
      3. Protocols
    4. Searching the Internet
      1. Search engines
      2. Information gathering
      3. Indexing the data
      4. Site sorting software.
  3. Workshop - Joi Ball and Tony Frey continued their introduction to HTML.
  4. The meeting will end at 9:00 PM.

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