These are ideas for upcoming WIA meetings, based on input from the membership at the June 2001 meeting. The subjects are not necessarily the titles for the program, but general statements of topic. Of course, the calendar is subject to change depending on availability of speakers, changing interests/focus of group, late-breaking events, etc.

WIA Planning Calendar

July Open Questions and videos bring problems, questions, information to share. Everyone can pitch in with possible answers. Also have on hand computer video(s) from the Library’s collection.

August How are computers used in middle schools get someone from a local middle/high school to speak about what hardware/software is being used in the school systems, how it’s being used, what parents/grandparents can provide at home to reinforce school experience.

September College & scholarship searches what resources are available, through the internet, to research choices for colleges, availability of scholarships, etc.

October Windows, set-up, organiz., MS Speaker? Possibly to coincide with the release of latest Windows/Office products. Organizing hard drive folders, what needs to be installed where, how to get rid of stuff no longer needed/wanted, etc.

November Digital devices & technology (palm, cell, etc.) in preparation for Christmas shopping – what are the latest electronic toys and what do they do. Also look at ‘digital convergence’, how devices interact with each other and the internet.

December High speed home access (cable, ISDN, sat.) update on the latest technology choices and availability and considerations (security, cost, etc.)

January 2002 Future of the Internet possibly get Ben Loyal of Widomaker as speaker. Looking ahead at where the internet is headed, new technologies, features, etc. (peer-to-peer, file swapping, fee-based features)

February 2002 Income Tax preparation possibly get a tax preparer/CPA speaker? Review of Income Tax software, on line filing, downloading forms, tax info sites. Also financial software in general (Quicken, MSMoney, etc.)

March 2002 Vacation/travel planning, cheap fares where to find travel info, cheap fares, planning package deals, etc.

April 2002 Music – d/l, streaming, formats & players MP3, RealAudio, Windows Media Player, on-line radio and video streaming, etc.

May 2002 Electronic Banking/Investing Possibly get a speaker from a local bank. Sort of a continuation of the Feb. Tax program. On-line banking, security issues, investment sites and information.

June 2002 "Candy Bar Internet" Ask Chris Hicks to do his presentation from a while back, using candy bars as data packets to demonstrate how information is moved along on the internet.


Other topics discussed, but not placed on calendar:

Brand-specific information, like Compaq computer information





WIA Planning Calendar





Open Questions and videos

How are computers used in middle schools

College & scholarship searches

Windows, set-up, organiz., MS Speaker?



January 2002

February 2002

Digital devices & technology (palm, cell, etc.)

High speed home access (cable, ISDN, sat.)

Future of the Internet

Income Tax preparation

March 2002

April 2002

May 2002

June 2002

Vacation/travel planning, cheap fares

Music – d/l, streaming, formats & players

Electronic Banking/ Investing

"Candy Bar Internet"

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